Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state introduced the YSR Aarogyasri plan in 2017, and since then it has been giving financial aid to all of the state’s residents, primarily those who are impoverished and are essentially living below the poverty line. The Andhra Pradesh state’s recipients received a variety of benefits as a result of the execution of this scheme. The majority of the state of Andhra Pradesh’s government hospitals offer cashless services, which is one of the program’s main advantages. The candidate must complete certain health camps, such as screening, treatment, diagnosis, and follow-up, and upload all required documentation via an online portal to decrease the likelihood of fraud and abuse

You can download the Arogyasree card on your mobile, you can click on the following link to download it.

After clicking on the link it will open as below

Here User Name is aarogya_mithra, Password is typed as guest and Enter Above CAPTCHA is given in the above box and click on Login button. It will open as follows.

To download Aarogyasri card, click on generate Aarogyasri Digital card and it will open as follows

Enter Aadhaar number near ENTER Register Aadhar Number and click on Generate Digital Card to download Arogyasree card.

Enter the reference number of the Arogyasree card near ENTER Reference Number and click on Generate Digital Card to download.

Here you can enter Arogya Shree Card number near Enter UHID No and click on Generate Digital Card to download…

Enter one of the above numbers and click on Generate Digital Card and it will open as follows.

Click on Download Card and this Me Arogya Sri Card will be downloaded in your mobile.

User ID: aarogya_mithra
Password: guest

Navasakam Website: Click Here

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