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VIMTA was established in 1984 and is a company driven by its vision and enduring strength. VIMTA’s business landscape includes analytical, clinical, preclinical services to life sciences industries; quality and safety testing for food and beverage industries; and environment services to a wide spectrum of industries.

Vacancy Details

  1. Department – Analyst / Senior Analyst
  2. Experience – 03-10 years
  3. Location – Hyderabad
  4. Qualification – Ph.D. / M.Sc. in Chemistry / Food Science or M.Tech / B.Tech in Food Technology


1. Adequate knowledge of extraction of Pesticide
residues, Aflatoxins, Antibiotic residues, Dyes,
Melamine as per standard methods or SOP in
food & Agri products and interpretation of test
2. Adequate knowledge in operation, troubleshooting
and maintenance of LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS.
Preparation of standard stock solutions from
certified reference materials.
3. Adequate knowledge on Performance checks/
intermediate checks of laboratory or Analytical
4. Adequate knowledge on Method validations for
Procedures as per SANTE guidelines.
5. Thorough knowledge of ISO 17025:2017 Quality
Management System

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