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Dear Members,
EPFO warmly welcomes you to one of the world’s largest social security

EPFO as you would know is responsible for offering social security coverage to
the organized sector workforce touching millions of lives. It offers its members a
myriad of services, which includes provident fund, insurance and pension both for
members and their families.

EPFO has over 6.42 crore contributory members making it one of the largest
financial entities in the country. The total corpus of EPFO stood over ₹17 lakh
crores. In terms of asset size, it ranks 8th among all sovereign pension funds and
16th among all pension funds of the world.

We are happy to enter into a partnership with you for ensuring adequate social
security cover for the nation’s workforce. For this, it is necessary that you are
aware of the various benefits available under the law. As a part of ease of doing
business, all the transactions/services including payments have been made
online and physical interaction is discouraged.

In order to support both the employers and the employees in their
interaction/interface with EPFO information booklets have been prepared for both
the employers and the employees. This toolkit can be used as a ready reckoner
for this purpose


• As a member, you join EPF Scheme 1952 which is an attractive investment
instrument guaranteeing considerable corpus at the time of retirement.
Contribution to this scheme is made by you and also by your employer.
• You also become a member of Employees Pension Scheme 1995 and become
eligible for receiving pension in your old age. You do not pay a single rupee towards
contribution and the entire contribution is made by the employer and Government
of India.
• In addition, you automatically become a member of the Employees Deposit Linked
Insurance Scheme 1976 wherein insurance in the form of an amount linked to your
PF balance is made available in the unfortunate event of death while in service.

Download Booklet for Member Click Here
Download Booklet for HR Click Here

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