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The process of Joint Declaration for the correction in UAN profiles by the members is being undertaken as per various circulars, lineated in Para 11 of this document. These had certain limitations and needed to be revisited. The member data in EPFO’s database may be, in some cases, incomplete or has mismatches on account of the long legacy of the paper process as well as the change of establishments by the members. Subsequent to the
introduction of UAN on 01.10.2014, it has become easier and simpler to minimize both incompleteness and mismatches.

As the automated system is getting mature, the member data has started to throw a number of anomalies in profiles leading to rejections/failures/frauds. As a result, genuine members have to go through a long channel for corrections. The claims settlement also face certain difficulties across all offices due to various reason related to data mismatch in parameters, namely, (1) Name, (2) Gender, (3) Date of Birth, (4) Father Name/ Name,(5)
Relationship, (6) Marital Status, (7) Date of Joining, (8) Reason of Leaving,(9) Date of Leaving, (10) Nationality, (11) Aadhaar Number.

Further, on account of better vigilance and minimization of fraud, the necessary process for maintaining member profiles’ veracity and authenticity becomes increasingly important. It is also observed that unregulated and non-standardization of processes has led to tinkering with member identities in certain cases leading to impersonation and fraud. In this regard, RBI and Banking guidelines should also be utilized by EPFO to further improve the
robustness of its member KYC processes


The purpose of this document is to delineate the procedure of receipt of Joint
Declarations for the correction in UAN profiles by the members and employer
and the method of corrections to be followed by the Field Offices

Initiator– For the purpose of this SOP, the initiator shall be the DA/SSA/SSSA assigned by the OIC of FO, who shall be initiating all such member modification requests on the I T Interface. The initiator shall examine the JD and the supporting documents submitted and submit the
same with his comments to the verifier.

Verifier– For the purpose of this SOP, the verifier shall be either SS or AO, who shall cross-check the member modification requests along with the supporting documents as mentioned in Annexure-I. The verifier shall process the documents as forwarded by the initiator and submit them with his recommendations to the approver.

Approver– For the purpose of this SOP, the approver shall be RPFCI/RPFC-II/APFC/AO/SS as per Table 3 below. The approver shall be the competent authority to approve the member modification request after verifying all the supporting documents as mentioned in Annexure-I.

Download Joint Declaration form: Click Here

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