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Usually we know to book buses and private cars when doing auspicious activities in our homes or going on long tours as families. But did you know that you can book a train? Yes, it is true that when you want to tour somewhere as a large group, you can book a single train coach or a train coach.
People belonging to a single family or an educational institution or traveling as a group can book a coach for themselves in the train. If all the tickets are booked in the train through normal booking, the berths in different coaches will be confirmed. Otherwise if one bogie is booked then everyone can travel in that coach. In this way not only one coach can be booked but also the entire train if required.

You can book like this..

The process of booking a train bogie or train as a group is called Full Tariff Rate (FTR) booking.

An individual or organization can book a whole train or a whole coach. You can fully book coaches like AC First Class, AC2-Tier, AC 3-Tier, AC 2 cum 3 Tier, AC Chair Car, Sleeper, AC Saloon, Second Seating.

IRCTC has created a website specifically for FTR train booking. You can book a bogie or train at website.

After logging in, click on the FTR Train/Coach Booking option.

In that you have to select train if you want whole train or coach if you want one.

After you select train or coach the website will take you to another page.

There you have to fill the details of the passengers you want to travel, the date of travel, the type of coach they require etc.

After completing all those details you will go to the page where you have to pay the amount of the entered details.

There you just pay the full tariff rate depending on the travel destinations you choose. You will receive confirmation details of your booking.

How much should be paid?

According to Indian Railways rules, a security payment of Rs.50,000 is required to book a whole coach. If you want to book the entire train with 18 coaches, a security deposit of Rs.9 lakh is required. Group tour planners can book coach or train 30 days to 6 months before travel.

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