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Scientist and entrepreneur Dr. K Anji Reddy established Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories with the vision to make medicines accessible to everyone. Beginning with the manufacture of active ingredients (APIs) for Ibuprofen and then Methyldopa, the anti-hypertensive drug previously unavailable in India, we later branched into formulations. In 1988, we became the largest exporter of Ibuprofen API in India with sales to the US, Spain, Italy and Japan. We also began to export active ingredients for Norfloxacin and Ciprofloxacin to Europe and the Far East in 1990. This was a first for an Indian pharmaceutical company.

Vacancy Details

  1. Department: GMO
  2. Open Positions: 01
  3. Skills Required: Relevant 3-5 years techno-commercial experience, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry. Analytical, problem-solving skills and learning attitude key for suitable candidates. Prior portfolio / PMO / Strategy/Marketing functions experience will be a plus point
  4. Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  5. Education/Qualification: MBA or B. Pharm/M. Pharm or B.Tech
  6. Experience: 3-5 years techno-commercial experience

Key responsibilities:

  • End – to End product strategy
    • Responsible for integrated strategy for products as per vertical/cluster. Owning definition and updating of the strategy as per all DRL market requirements
    • Product strategy to cover all aspects of market, medical view, API & formulation development strategy, manufacturing view, launch scenarios, profitability measures, etc.
    • Optimize the strategy by connecting diverse requirements across markets, create a roadmap of the product relevant to each market
    • Define & govern critical decision points over product life cycle –development to commercialization & beyond
    • Assess financial viability / ROI metrics to determine investments in product, discontinuing product, etc.
    • Provide clarity on all dimensions of the product strategy to all impacted stakeholders
  • Business connect
    • Responsible for connect with all DRL markets teams for comprehensive front end strategy capturing competitive view, market growth, expansion strategy, channel strategy, etc.
    • Provide insights based on historical data on similar category of products, trends and inputs from other CFTs on cost of goods
    • Drive ideation of life-cycle extension strategies based on market specific inputs
  • Enabling strategy execution through PMO, R&D, Operations teams
    • Work with Program management office to ensure creation of integrated execution plan delivering the product requirements by market
    • Support R&D budget optimization, portfolio prioritization decisions, cost improvements plan for improving profitability, for select cluster of products
  • Long term strategy planning, risk assessment, mitigation planning
    • Provide visibility on long range value and volume plan for the portfolio of products
    • Manage the risk to value and work with stakeholders to device mitigation strategies
    • Provide manufacturing network optimization inputs for the near and long term
  • Operating network – Business Portfolio, Market teams, CFT leads (Regulatory, IP, technical, clinical, etc,), Site leads, Procurement leads, Finance, Digital teams

Personal attributes – Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to influence & work with cross functional teams, engage at senior leadership levels, networking skills, ability to look at the big picture, execution focus and written communication skills

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