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Senior Project Assoc. & Project Asst. /PA-II

1. PA-II

Division Name: Biochemical Sciences Division

Essential Qualification:

Position-01:-Candidates with M. Pharma, B.Tech/ M.Sc Degree in Chemical Engineering /Organic Chemistry/Pharmaceutical or related sciences & Analytical chemistry, Related areas from recognized university with 55% marks or Equivalent CGPA

Position-02:-Candidates with M.Pharm,B.Tech./M.Sc Degree in Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/Bioinformatics/Computational biology/ Biological Engineering related sciences/Microbiology or Any branch of Life sciences Master’s Degree in Natural or Agricultural Sciences or Medicine from a recognized University or equivalent; and (ii) Two(2) years’ experience in Research and Development in Industrial and Academic Institutions or Science and Technology Organizations and Scientific activities and services

Desirable Qualification:

Position-01 :- Preference will be given to the candidates having experience in synthetic organic chemistry.

Position-02:-Experience in biochemical and molecular assays for various biological functions both in vitro and vivo

Job Requirement:

Position-01 :- Multi-step organic synthesis and characterization

Position-02:-Biochemical assays including in vitro and in vivo methods established in the laboratory and developing in new bio assay to find functions to innovative molecules

Application Last Date: 17-Oct-2021

Contact Name & Number: Dr.Ashok P Giri/ 02025902647 /

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2. Senior Project Assoc. & Project Asst.

Division Name: Catalysis And Inorganic Chemistry

Essential Qualification:

SPA: one post – Doctoral Degree in Science from a recognized University or equivalent Proj Asst.: One post – BSc Physics

Desirable Qualification:

SPA: 2 years Post-doctoral experience in photo catalyst device making and/or carrying out experiments with electrocatalysis and photoelectrochemical methods. Publication/patent record for the same to be provided with application/bio data/CV for active consideration. PA: Practical experience in problem solving with high end vacuum equipment. Hands-on experience in attending electrical/electronic and mechanical issues with high end vacuum equipment’s. Documentary proof or publications for the experience would be desired. Mention the name of the high end vacuum equipment dealt with.

Job Requirement:

SPA: The candidate must possess knowledge and experience in working on artificial leaf device making for photocatalysis and/or thorough characterization with advanced analytical or in-situ techniques for mechanistic understanding. Preference will be given to those candidates who have proven track record through publications in the relevant research area of the project. PA: Operation and maintenance of high end vacuum equipment’s and attending problems to solve them.

Application Last Date: 07-Oct-2021

Contact Name & Number: PM. Dhutraj/ 02025902010/

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