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About Us

Scientist and entrepreneur Dr. K Anji Reddy established Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories with the vision to make medicines accessible to everyone. Beginning with the manufacture of active ingredients (APIs) for Ibuprofen and then Methyldopa, the anti-hypertensive drug previously unavailable in India, we later branched into formulations. In 1988, we became the largest exporter of Ibuprofen API in India with sales to the US, Spain, Italy and Japan. We also began to export active ingredients for Norfloxacin and Ciprofloxacin to Europe and the Far East in 1990. This was a first for an Indian pharmaceutical company.

Vacancy Details

  • Production Specialists Upstream and Downstream (1-5 yrs)
  • Plant Engineers (Mechanical / HVAC/ Instrumentation) (1-5 yrs)
  • QA Associate (IPQA) (1-5 yrs)
  • QC Associate : Bioassay, Testing, Micro biology (1-4 yrs)
  • Research Associate Product Analytics mAbs (HPLC& UPLC) 1-5 yrs
  • Research Associate Upstream and Downstream (1-5 yrs)

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