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The APAAR card, or One Nation One Student ID, is a unique identification number for students in India. It’s an acronym for Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry. The card contains a 12-digit number that can be used to: 

  • Store academic records
  • Track academic progress
  • Transfer from one school to another
  • Store certificates and credits from formal and informal learning

The APAAR card is given to students from pre-primary to higher education. It’s linked to the student’s Aadhaar card number. 
Registration for the APAAR card is voluntary. To apply, parents of minors must sign a consent form. 

To apply for an APAAR card online, you can: 

  1. Go to the official APAAR ID website at
  2. Go to the website of ABC Bank, the Academic Bank of Credits

Apply APAAR ID Card Online

The process to register APAAR ID card online is given below, you can apply easily by following these steps.

  • First of all, go to the official website of APAAR ID @ in any browser.
  • After clicking on login, click on signup button.
  • After this register using Aadhar card number and mobile number.
  • Now choose your university or school and course.
  • Your APAR ID card will be received when you fill the form.
  • Download it online and get credit through it.

Apply APAAR ID Card Online

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